New Podcast coming soon

Join me for a weekly quiz that you can enjoy from anywhere.
Listen in and play alone, as a team, against friends, or with family.


Tackle trivia from general knowledge subjects including geography, science, sports, nature, TV, film, music, video games, the news, history, and much much more!


The last quiz of every month will be themed to a specific subject which could be anything including Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney, Friends, Television, and Movies amongst others.


Daimo’s Pod⚡Quiz will be available on Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook. Check back here soon for the links.

"What really turned me over was his ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Carl M
Producer & Director


Interactive Show Production

Professional development of viewer participation shows from base ideas to fully realising and running the final product to thousands of players.

Social & CPC Marketing

Create, monitor, and optimize markerting funnels across several websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube.

Website Development

Experienced and reliable WordPress website development. From simple 1-page sites to completely in-depth problem-solving websites.

B2C & B2B Sales

Selling a diverse product portfolio to the general public and to businesses. From generating leads from a cold customer base to closing the deal.

Design & Copywriting

Fluent with Adobe CC design software with a flair for creating eye-catching graphics. Industry-leading content and copy writing.

Process Management

Optimize business processes to reduce time, costs, and headaches. Realise your workforce's potential by prioritising the correct jobs at the right time.


Realise the potential of your idea with a free one-to-one to discuss how you could benefit from my experience.

Including business planning, branding, marketing, and developing standard operating procedures.

Community Driven Content

Expand your sales and reach with community-driven directives that will increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

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